Oil Group

Olive Oil

Treasured since ancient times for their excellent nutritional quality, olives and olive oil have always been essential component of the diet in many Mediterranean civilizations, especially those located in Anatolia.

Turkey supplies the variety of olive oil to a wide range of countries including major producer countries that either consume or re-export Turkish olive oil. Turkish olive oil is demanded from every part of the world and there are more than hundred countries that have experienced the excellent taste and fragrance of Turkish olive oil

Olive oil is classified as “extra virgin”, “virgin”, “refined” and “riviera” (a blend of virgin and refined olive oil that is called “olive oil” in international standards) based on the means of production as well as the physical properties and organoleptic characteristics of the product. Due to the preferences of consumers who are less familiar with the natural taste of olive oil, some are also produced with added flavorings such as garlic, onion, nutmeg, fresh thyme, basil or bay leaves


Sunflower Oil

Sunflower is an oilseed plant with the most cultivation area and production in our country. High adaptability, being able to be grown in dry and wet conditions, suitable for mechanization from planting to harvest are the superior features of sunflower farming. In Turkey, depending on the years, sunflower cultivation is made in an area of ​​approximately 530-650 thousand hectares.