Dried Fruits

Turkey’s role as a major producer of dried fruits—and the world’s leading exporter of raisins, dried figs, and apricots—is rooted in a long-standing Anatolian tradition. Product forms suitable for all industrial and market requirements. Worldwide preferred aroma and taste


Turkey is the major producer and supplier of dried apricots. Turkish apricots are mostly produced in Malatya province known as the “Dried APRICOT Capital of the WORLD"


Turkey is the main producing and exporting country of dried figs. Around 50 % of world production of dried figs takes.


Turkey is the one of the leading sultana (raisins) producer countries and the biggest dried grape exporter in the world.Produces almost 25 % of world dried grapes.Exports sultanas around 90 countries in the world, mainly to the EU Countries.

Turkish Plums

Turkey has different nine agro-ecological regions because of its geographical location. World plum production is over 11.5 million metric tons, and Turkey is the fifth country with over 300 thousand metric tons after China, Serbia, Romania and Chile for plum.