Our strenght is in our past...

Our endeavour began in 1857 as we sow our seeds in the ancient, ancestral soil of Aegean region. 

From Aegean region to Thrace, from Thrace to Black Sea, from Black Sea to Anatolia and Mesopotamia, our journey has been continuing for more than one century. We are travelling across various geographies, climates and seas of the world since the day our first seed has met the fertile soil of the Aegean region. For many centuries, Anatolia has been home for ancient societies, mystic beliefs and distinct cultures of humankind. We call its gastronomic specialities as “Stars of Anatolia” and compile them for the upcoming generations in the way professional collectors do.

Today, as Anatolian Stars Food Trading Ltd Co, we consider Anatolian dishes as an indispensible part of humanities cultural heritage, and we aim to deliver it to as many audiences as possible. We acknowledge that our mission is difficult and full of obstacles. However, latest quality products, reasonable prices, high standards of hygiene, facilitates our pursuit to accomplish our goals. Its not impossible to introduce Anatolian stars to our planet because we are empowered by our past.